Premier Supply is a true European operator with world-wide markets.  Our global experience means we are able to not only specialise in parts for Land Rovers but to be able to diversify our supply chain to meet the ever increasing needs of the global market.

Our specialised dedicated team can assist with all your requirements and are available by clicking their relevant contact link below.

contact-us-icon2pngRay Phillips is our Export/UK Wholesales Co-ordinator.  For Export and UK Wholesale enquiries please click below.

Direct Line + 44 (0)1483 447792 

contact-us-icon2pngLucy Chen is our Customer Services Representative specialising in Far Eastern markets.  Please click below to contact Lucy.

Direct Line + 44 (0)1483 447791

contact-us-icon2pngStephen Smith is our UK Domestic Sales specialist.  For all UK sales enquiries, product and technical please click below.

Direct Line +44 (0)1483 447793

contact-us-icon2pngIsabel Cuesta is our Shipping and Export Sales Co-ordinator.  For any enquiries relating to shipping, export sales and finance please contact Isabel below.

Direct Line +44 (0)1483 447790

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